Thursday, May 07, 2009


Have you experience planting fruit trees around your house and for the first time your fruit trees bears you only one or two fruits or just sparsely? Usually the fruit trees will bear you few fruits but later on drop off. It is normal for the fruit trees to bear fruits and later on fall to the ground.

I am not talking about fruit trees as I am not qualified in this field but just to share about how a single parent told me about how they shared the single fruit that they get from their Mango tree. She had told her children not to eat the single mango fruit when it ripened but wait for her if she’s not at home.

When the Mango fruit ripened, she make Mango juice out of the single Mango fruit so that every one of her children can have the taste of the Mango. I was touched by what she had told me and I really respect her of what she had done. Most of us might not have thought of a way but what I learned from her was to share something precious that may not be much but it will touch the heart of many people. I was touched.

Share this to every one.

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