Monday, May 04, 2009


There are many version of Kon Lau Men and although different restaurant have different style of preparing it, some do have a very unique flavour and much more crunchy. In Kota Kinabalu there are a number of good Kon Lau Men and if you’re the type who likes to sample food then it’s not surprising if you know where the best food is located.

This morning I invited a friend for breakfast at one of my favourite Kon Lau men restaurant situated at Kinamount just opposite Archive Department just a stone throw from Hospital Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Usually when I asked a friend for breakfast to a restaurant which is new to them, I will the one who ordered their food.

Me : I order for you, okay?

Friend : Okay bah kalo kau!

Waitress : Boss .. makan apa?

Me : Kon Lau Men kueh tew satu dan bagi kuih untuk saya.

Friend : Tart Nenas lagi satu.

Me : Lemon Tea Ping satu.

Friend : Sama.

I watched my friend eat his noodle and didn’t ask him how the taste was until he finished it.

Me : Is it your top 10?

Friend : Top 5!

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