Saturday, May 02, 2009


I was shaking my head in disbelieve when principal Tiara announced AFMASUK for the Akademi Fantasia after two student Claudia and Aishah both from Sarawak were voted out from the academy. The principal acted as if she was surprised and seems to be not in favour of the results. I think that was the biggest stunt made by management of Astro which they call ‘Kejutan’ (Surprise) which they employ successfully before. I think the viewers are smart enough by now what are the real motives behind the admission of another voted out student to the academy again.

The way the principal made the announcement seem like it was not real by looking at her body language and the gimmick she made before announcing the AFMASUK. The gimmick was just shallow as the motive of AFMASUK was already discussed and the stunt they made was just putting the icing in place. I remembered there was a forum before the concert and the panelist were debating AFMASUK and seems they were in favour of it. I think most viewers will not fall to this ‘Kejutan’ anymore.

I hope Sarawakian will not vote in either Claudia or Aishah as a tactic to make Hafiz the champion. They cannot make a champion from Sarawak if more than two contestant from the state. I got a clue that they want back Aril to be admitted to the academy again. Let them AFMASUK Aril.

Make Hafiz the next AF Champion Sarawakian. AF your rating is going down the drain.

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Anonymous said...

Wow. And I thought the PM said '1 Malaysia'.