Thursday, May 14, 2009


Here are the pictures I took inside the traditional houses where some of the items they used like the beautiful colourful woven basket, Jars, a Murut lady donning a beautiful dress and Murut gong beaters.

I was curious what was inside the jar, the lady informed me that there should be a row of the jars but at the Heritage village it’s only one. I tried to peek inside the jar but it’s very dark. Instead I took a picture of it and was disappointed that some uncivilized person put empty plastic bottle inside it.

Butizaon: Kau tengok apa dalam tanjau ini?

Lady: Sia pun tidak faham kenapa ada orang masukan botol plastic dalam ini.
Budak-budak bah yang masukan benda itu.

I let her see the pictures on my camera.

Almost every heritage houses organized their activities and the most popular was the Sumazau dance where tourist was invited to participate in the dancing. It was really humorous seeing them dancing trying to get the rhythm of the music and swaying in tandem with their partner.

A very understanding Murut girl donning the traditional Murut attire inside the Murut house.

A group of youth beating the gong inside the Murut traditional house.

A very beautiful basket of the Murut tride mostly found in the district of Tenom.

I will be posting the last part of my visit to the Heritage village later.


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